Almost there …

Well, these last few weeks have found lots of family and frisbee in my life. School’s out (and I did get all good grades, even though I failed to study during finals week), and I’m back in Pennsylvania. I’ve even been to work a few times in the two short weeks I’ve been home. It’s been wonderful to be here, but my mind is on something else.

I’ve been on New Day’s site quite often, looking at updated pictures and information of the kids; I’ve also been keeping updated about the situation in Sichuan by reading Half the Sky’s blog. I will not be anywhere near Sichuan, for those of you who may be worried (I’ve been asked so many times if I’m planning on staying home now). I’ll be spending my time just outside of Beijing, where New Day is located. However, both of those websites have been more than enough for the time to move slowly. I cannot wait to get over to China and be a hand to help. I’m heading over there to love the people in a tangible way, and I am so excited that I’m now only two days away from two months of something I love.

I leave on Tuesday afternoon (on a direct flight to Beijing; I lucked out with that one!) 13 hours and 45 minutes after takeoff, I’ll be in that wonderful country.

Until China,
Rebekah Rae



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