watermelon and the wheat harvest

violin lessons
It’s picture time again! I added more pictures to my first album. And then ran out of room! So, click here for the first album. And then click here for the start to my second album. (There are also links to the right of this post.) Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “watermelon and the wheat harvest

  1. I think if you tried really hard, you could answer that for yourself, darling. Does it look like I could play that one?

  2. Hey bekah,

    I stumbled upon your blog all sneaky like. I am absolutely mesmerized with your stories of China and the orphans you’re working with. I want you know that I am keeping you and the children in my thoughts. keep sharing the stories so I can put names and faces.

    I wish I was doing something as productive with my summer. Once summer session ended I came home (per my parent’s request) and I’ve been bored out of my mind ever since. The odd job search has begun but no luck yet.

    i love you darling.

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