Music makes the people come together

Yes, that title is a Madonna quote. Silly me, quoting Madonna. But you know what, it’s true. Music is an entirely universal language, it can cross boundaries that speech, poetry, sports, or touch are able to cross. Last night, Sarah (the preschool teacher) invited Jovy and I over to her house for dinner. We got to meet her 2 year old son, and we ate some wonderful homecooked hot pot. Afterwards, her neighbor was out with his guitar and we sat around in a circle outside and Sarah played some, and then she brought out her Ukelele and we played some songs together, there was singing involved, and I even took the guitar and played and sang them some Pink Floyd (Wish You Were Here), hooray for that!

But none of that was the best part. The best part was towards the very end of our time there, she started playing Amazing Grace. And we all sang it together, in both languages at the same time. I can’t really think of very many other moments in my life that have amounted to the beauty of that one.

*** *** *** *** ***

Before I left the states to come here this summer, my friends at work surprised me with money to bring here and spend on the kids. I can’t begin to describe how ecstatic I was about this.

About two weeks into my trip, I had a random dream that we took the kids to the Beijing Wildlife Park. On Friday, my friends from work in Pennsylvania made that a reality.

So, Friday morning, 10 kids and 11 adults piled into two cars and drove to the Beijing Wildlife Park. It started out a bit overwhelming, as in two of the kids cried when they saw the horses, and half of the kids cried when we saw the monkeys. Yeah … horses and monkeys and uncontrollable crying and some freaking out.

But, the kids did all eventually calm down. And they had a great time seeing the monkeys and giraffes and wolves and deer and bears and peacocks and lions and chipmunks and racoons and tigers. They got to see lions jump through rings of fire and bears walk on balls. We even all piled into one of these:

safari truck

And once in that safari truck, we took a trip through many different animal habitats, and watched bears stand on their hind legs right infront of us to eat raw chicken above our heads, and hand fed cabbage to many different kinds of deer and pigs, and all in all had a wonderful time.

We also went out to eat at a restaurant in Beijing. Just chew on that for a bit … 10 kids at a restaurant. Haha. It really was great times. And the people at Lookaway are amazing for helping it all to happen!

*** *** *** *** ***

And, as some side notes, my pictures are updated. The pictures on Facebook are the ones I have edited and picked my favorites. I also put the names of the kids and some comments on those pictures so you know the context. The pictures on Photobucket (album one, album two) are unedited, and every single picture I’ve taken is uploaded onto those photo albums, and it’s up to you to fish through them as I’ve left no context, no names, and there are at this point over 350 of them. Enjoy!

One thought on “Music makes the people come together

  1. oh Sarah!!! I miss her too much!! That was the most amazing, beautiful moment in China!!! I’m so glad we shared the same happiness that night!!!!!!

    Miss u

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