over half a year later …

I just wrote a letter to my younger sister, who’s been in Northern Ireland for the past year and a half. She’s doing great things, you should read her blog.

I ended up writing a lot of what’s been on my heart recently, and I’ve been meaning to update this blog recently, and I figure updating with what’s been going on in my life would probably be a good place to start. So, here’s part of that letter to my sister:

Well, hello. It is a Wednesday afternoon, sunny, and in the 40s. I’m inside looking out, because I wish spring would get here more quickly. There are birds chasing after each other (I suppose it is that time of year), and I can hear them twittering through the window panes. A wonderful sound that is. Kira just bought plane tickets to come and visit. It’s strange to think about that, for a few reasons. I remember talking about it with you and her a very long time ago, when you were still planning on being here. I remember feeling like senior year, spring semester, was so far away and would never exist. And now it is March 4, 2009, and Kirstyn will be here on March 24th, and I am graduating in little over two months and trying to figure out how to work in China and pay student loans and you are in Northern Ireland taking classes at Belfast Bible College and volunteering with YFC and intending on staying there. It’s amazing the intense changes that can happen in a few short years. Where will be all be in 2012? I have memories of going to work with Grandmom Cook and seing signs all over the place about how they were prepared for Y2K … serious memories of 1999 and now it’s 10 years later and I love seeing where we’re all at and who we are. I am Rebekah Witzer and I am no longer the girl I was even 3 years ago. I am confident, I try to realize my mistakes, I leave my worries for Jesus and I wake up every morning asking Him to constantly remind me that the day is His. I have close friends who I can count on, and a seriously huge and deep respect for my parents and how they raised me and all they’ve done and continue doing for me and other people. I really do not think I could have said any of that with confidence a few years ago, and I am so glad to know that so long as I keep my heart in the right place, all of those important things are only going to be stronger in my life some more years down the road. Time and change really scare me sometimes, but fear is another thing I try to remember to give to God every day; in doing that, I’ve been able to see all these amazing things that can happen (and have happened) as a direct result of time and change. I don’t know if I’ve ever been more wholly content and happy in my life, despite the fact that I think I am the most uncertain I’ve ever been in my life. Jesus is so cool like that.

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