Eastertime stories

I happened across a blog about my darling younger brothers that I started last summer and didn’t keep up with after four posts. But I like those four posts. So today, I will share one of them, written on March 14, 2010. Some of the details of the animals in our household are different now, but the story still makes for a good one:

I need to preface this story with a short rendition of the animals in / around our household. We have five dogs, two cats, five chickens, and five sheep. Two of the dogs are full-bred Border Collies, and they are our dad’s pride and joy, particularly his girl “Hemp.” While the other dogs sleep in the basement at night, Hemp gets to sleep on a blanket next to his side of the bed. While the other dogs run in the outdoor kennel during the day, she travels around with him on his jobs. While the other dogs sit in the back of his truck when he takes them places, she sits in the cab and lays her head on his leg. You get the picture.

So now, today’s story:

Shane came home from Sunday School today with a sticker on his shirt. It is a yellow sun with the words “I am happy that Jesus is alive!”

I pointed said sticker out to him and said something along the lines of “So, you’re happy Jesus is alive?”

His response, if you please:

“Yes I am, because if Jesus wasn’t alive, things would be very different. Daddy would have to sacrifice Hemp because she’s his best animal.”

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