Well friends, today began it: I went for a run to “officially” begin training for the LA Marathon.

Jeremy and Bekah

Jeremy and I in our running gear ... do we look legit?

It’s true: running is certainly the cheapest sport to get involved in. However for someone who just moved clear across the country and still has no job or a place to live, investing in shoes and running apparel and my tricky little Nike+ sensor, it doesn’t seem so “cheap.”

But, you see, this investment is well worth it.

By the end of this endeavor, I will have accomplished something for myself and I will be in great shape. Yes?

Yes, and no.

I’m not running this marathon for myself. I’m not thinking about myself in this (except to stay healthy enough to do it). I would never have even thought to run this race if it weren’t for someone(s) very, very special.





The biggest meaning running this marathon has for me is knowing that in running it, I have the potential to help many people make a difference in the lives of children such as these.

These and so many other children. That’s what I’m thinking about in context of the marathon I have committed to run. Because on top of committing to run 26.2 miles through the streets of Los Angeles in March, I have committed to raise $750 for Love Without Boundaries, a foundation that has done, and is doing, insurmountable good in the lives of orphaned and impoverished children in China.

Friends, I am hoping you will help me in this endeavor. I can’t raise money unless people are willing to team with me in this effort. If anything, why don’t you look around the Love Without Boundaries website? See what and who they stand for, read stories about the kids, learn something new. And if you are feeling so inclined, you can also click here to donate towards the $750 I am raising for this foundation.

2 thoughts on “26.2

  1. You are amazing my lovely Bekah! I am already wanting to sponsor and hoping to maybe one day run in a race for these kids. I love you so and miss you so very much!

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