from March 3, 2010

In honor of bringing another boy into our family, here is a story about my youngest brother, Cody:

Family dinners in our household feel “normal” to me, but I have some sort of idea that visitors to our dinner table could feel like they are in a different world. There are typically anywhere from four to nine people eating dinner together, and there is lots of movement, laughter, chatter, yelling from time to time, and a terribly untrained puppy running under all of our feet.

My parents’ dinners often get interrupted by Cody, who always seems to need to use the bathroom in the middle of his meals.

With that, here is a scene from one of our more recent dinners:

Cody runs into the bathroom, just down the hallway from the kitchen.

Cody: “I’m done!”

 (we continue eating)

Cody: “I’m Done!

 (again, we continue eating)

Cody: “I’M DONE!!!

Dad (sitting at the table): “What do you need, Cody?”

Cody: “Help me!”

Dad: “What do you say?”

Cody: “Please!”

Dad: “Please, what?”


Cody’s learning to use his manners, a little at a time, when he feels like it, but leave it to him to find a way around forming a sentence that’s appropriate for dinner time.


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