still running

Today is my last day in Pennsylvania. As I’m leaving for China tomorrow with my family, I’m not sure what my running schedule is going to turn into while overseas. I decided to take advantage of being in familiar territory and ran my long run for the week this morning.

I was very happy to enjoy company on this run, in the form of my favorite border collie, Ty. He stuck with me as we conquered this run together. To say thanks to him, we ran by the creek at the end of the run and I let him play in the water- one of his favorite things to do.

He's always looking for someone to play fetch with.

He would not cooperate for the camera very well ...


I’m looking forward to exploring new territory in Guangzhou by foot and hope to not set back my training too much while I’m over there.

I also ran my first race yesterday! I ran the Abington YMCA Gobble Wobble 5k. I finished in the top 42% of the 1239 people who ran, and I am very, very happy with my time and the statistics that go along with it. Also, I might be getting hooked. I’m already looking for other 5k and 10k races to sign up for, I had so much fun with this one!

You can still find me, and the rest of my family, at, while we are adventuring overseas.

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