Community Supported Agriculture

I got frustrated the other day at Whole Foods after spending a ton of money because I wanted vegetable stir fry for dinner. Two yellow squash, three zucchini, a bunch of carrots, two heads of broccoli, and some teriyaki sauce set me back about $20 for dinner for two. Not absolutely ridiculous (though slightly), but it’s not something I can do every day of the week. The next day I set out to research some CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) programs here in LA, something I’ve been intending to do for a while.

What is CSA? The best I can explain with my knowledge is that you are paying money to a local farm to help it support itself (essentially, in a way, buying “stock” in the farm), and in return you get a generous helping of various fresh fruits and vegetables from the farm every week (or bi-weekly). Most of the farms involved in CSAs seem to be organic. What better way to eat healthy, eat local, and eat organic?!

I found a great blog post here, with a seemingly comprehensive list of all available CSAs in the area. After doing some of my own research online and asking around, I decided to sign up for Savraw Organics (formerly known as CSA California). I signed up for the $25 box, bi-weekly, and my first pick up is on Sunday June 3, just a mile away from where I go to church. So convenient! I am very excited to start saving money and eating more fresh and local whole foods. I am also looking forward to broadening my cooking skills and recipe repertoire, as I’ll surely be getting some vegetables I’m not used to eating. I’ll be sure to post some of my favorite new recipes once this starts happening.

Ironically, the day after I signed up for Savraw, there was a Living Social deal for Farm Fresh To You, another CSA. Of course, I couldn’t pass it up, since buying the deal (half off a $31 box!) got me a voucher to use whenever I desire, and the produce will be delivered right to my apartment! I’ll be sure to post about that when I redeem it.

Do you invest in a CSA? Which one? I’d like to know other people’s experiences!

4 thoughts on “Community Supported Agriculture

  1. Hi Bekah,

    I have been a member of my CSA for almost 2 years. I love everything about it. I recently started a weekly CSA link party where bloggers from all over share their CSA goodies and suggested recipes. I hope you join us when you start receiving your box. Here is a link to my What’s in the Box page…feel free to slick through some of the weeks and check out all of the lovely CSA goodness!

  2. We’ve been in a CSA for more than 5 years and I really love it. I get better and better at planning and using all of the vegetables and I’ve come to appreciate all the community benefits of supporting a local farmer.

  3. Our family has also been a CSA member for over 5 years for many of the same reasons: Economical value, supporting local farms and farmers, and height of the season flavor in each surprise box. As for which one, maybe look at their record of past shares or talk with other members to help you decide. Good luck and have fun with it!

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