Northern Ireland- Tollymore Forest

Last weekend we took a short drive to Tollymore Forest- a whimsical place where C.S. Lewis spent a lot of time and found some inspiration for the Narnia series. It is one of my favorite places here, and I was so happy to go with the little ones in my family and see their reactions to this place that I love. It was such a beautiful evening that as we passed the windy gap on the way, we could see clear to the Mourne Mountains because of how blue the sky was. The evening got darker as we walked through the forest, so my pictures didn’t turn out great, but here is a small selection. Enjoy!


the windy gap- on the way to Tollymore


two of my brothers and I at the windy gap

looking the other direction towards Belfast

And arriving at Tollymore – I loved the light shining through the trees.

The moon over the Mournes.



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