Glen Hansard- Breaker of my Heart

Okay, perhaps the title is a bit brash or over the top.

Also, okay, this is the third or fourth or hundredth (hyperbole) post about Glen Hansard on this blog. (It has been pointed out by a friend that this blog could perhaps be retitled “Vegetables and Glen.”)

But really, Mr. Hansard, I have some more things to say to you.

If you’ve read that first post about my love for Glen Hansard, you can hopefully realize that I am not a crazy person worshipping some celebrity-type. (At least I hope that’s not who I am!) I have a genuine respect for Mr. Hansard and his talent and art. His music awakes in me an emotional response with almost every listen. I am so pleased that his talent has been recognized in a world where over-processed music receives most of the awards.

And if you read my two-part post (part 1 and part 2) on seeing Mr. Hansard perform twice in one week and having a whirl-wind conversation with him that was quickly forgotten on his end (which is completely understandable, no harm done), perhaps you can find a way to relate to me- we all have favorite music, yes? And if we have the opportunity to hear our favorite musicians live, don’t we all wish to hear that song- that one song we have been listening to constantly in its engineered state, the one we can sing all the words to, or we play on our own instruments while hiding away in our bedrooms? And wouldn’t it be all the worse if the song was essentially promised to you two days before the show, by the musician himself, and then it was never played?

Yes we do! We all want to hear it (whatever “it” is to each of us)!

And after seeing Mr. Hansard perform in three different locations on four different occasions, promoting multiple CDs and accomplishments, over the course of four years, I really expected that by know I would have heard that song.

But alas, life is unfair. Or something like that.

So what? I’ve said that all before in the aforementioned posts on this blog. Why bring it up again?

This is why:

I recently relocated back to Pennsylvania, to a town just about an hour north of Philadelphia. This relocation officially happened on September 25th.

Glen Hansard’s Rhythm and Repose tour (which allowed me to see him twice in June of this year) took him to Philadelphia. On September 20th.

Oh, what? Glen Hansard was in Philadelphia five days before my return?

I allowed myself to get over that up until receiving a phone call on September 20th, at 8pm pacific standard time, from a friend who was attending the Philadelphia show.

Over the phone I heard lots of people cheering, lots of muffled noises, and- oh- what was that? The beginning sounds of that song?

I was five days away from being back in Philadelphia and there was Glen Hansard playing THAT SONG!

Oh, the travesty! Oh, the pain! (Hyperbole.)

But seriously, please feel my pain here!

It’s not like I have unlimited funds to see Mr. Hansard play at every venue he reaches worldwide. I’ve seen him in Philadelphia. I’ve seen him in New York City. I’ve seen him (twice) in Los Angeles. His current tour, through March 2013, is coming nowhere near me again. The only place feasible is Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, as I have a sister in college down there- but it’s at the beginning of December, when I should be conserving money for holiday travels. And who’s to say I’d actually hear that song if I were to attend?

Have I lost my chance to ever hear Fitzcarraldo live? Will I have to suffice with listening to it on Set List or The Roads Outgrown time and time again, just to try to get the live experience?

Can anyone relate to me on this (pithy, yes) matter? Mr. Hansard, if your eyes ever grace this page, can you give me any idea as to when I’ll be able to hear the song you promised to me in Los Angeles? My offer still stands for a jam session. Just name the time and place.

5 thoughts on “Glen Hansard- Breaker of my Heart

  1. Have you heard him play it yet?? What’s up with your luck? I saw him in NC last year and he played Fitz. And just last month I saw him at Lollapalooza where he also played Fitz and even the night before he played it at the Lolla aftershocks at the metro. I’m glad I stumbled across your blog as I genuinely love this man… for his music and… him! I just love him! He pulled me on stage in NC we danced to don’t do it, I tripped over his speaker and he caught me. Anyway, good luck. I hope you got to hear that lovely song live!

    • Funny story (not funny) is that I saw him play at the Hollywood Bowl, for the first time since this blog post was written. And, lo and behold, I actually had a not-so-good Hollywood Bowl experience (which is a shame, I love that venue). They added a third band AFTER I purchased my tickets for Iron & Wine opening for Glen Hansard. So, I happily listened to Sam Beam play some acoustic songs for about 30 minutes at the beginning of the show, and then had to sit through an ungodly amount of time listening to The Head and the Heart while waiting for Glen. (No big issues with The Head and the Heart, except that I did not knowingly purchase tickets to see them, and hadn’t ever listened to them before, and there were too many teenage kids there only for them and I couldn’t handle their teenagery-ness.) Also at one point The Head and the Heart said something about how they were going to add a few songs to their setlist because they had more time than they realized. NO.
      SO, long story short, Glen FINALLY took the stage around 9:15pm, and started what seemed to be a stellar set list. After a few songs (maybe 6 or 7?) he said something along the lines of “Sorry I can’t play any longer. I’ll have to come back to LA and give you guys a real 3 hour show next time.” And I seriously thought he was joking. Except he wasn’t, because apparently the Bowl has a strict 10pm curfew. And so he brought everyone back on stage, sang The Auld Triangle, and that was that. Seriously he played for less than an hour for his headlining show, and it was in no way his fault, you could tell he was a bit frustrated as well. He said something about how they were just cutting songs left and right off of the night’s set list just to be able to finish the show.
      To make matters worse, I checked out the setlists for the shows that he had played over the tour, and particularly the ones in the days before his Hollywood Bowl performance, and Fitzcarraldo was on EVERY SINGLE setlist. And I missed out AGAIN because of the utter mis-management of the Hollywood Bowl staff. I do NOT have the luck! Share some of yours with me!
      Glad to meet another fan who appreciates Mr. Hansard for his talent 🙂

      • 1. Sorry that reply was SO long. Clearly I’m still annoyed at the situation 🙂
        2. The Hollywood Bowl concert was just a month ago.

      • Oh, please girl, do not apologize. I can listen to or read anything concerning Glen Hansard until the cows come home. I am GENUINELY pissed off for you! He played the Hollywood Bowl I think a week after I saw him in Chicago and he played the hell out of that song that weekend. It was the only song he played at Lolla and The Metro (like he didn’t even play Falling Slowly at Lolla which was shocking to me, but I was happy because he played some of The Frames tunes). Anyway, sending buckets of luck your way… like so much luck thatyou just might get him alone in an alley and tell him your story and he breaks out that old beat up guitar and personally seronades you with Fitzcaraldo. Far fetched, I know, but I wouldn’t be surprised with him – such a sweetheart. And I would be furious if I paid to see Glen and he only played for an hour. How long were the head and the heart on?

  2. The Head and the Heart played 12 songs. TWELVE. Iron & Wine played 9. Glen Hansard got to 10 before curfew was passed ( It really was ridiculous.
    As a violinist, I’ve always had this far-fetched dream that someday I would meet Mr. Hansard with my violin in hand and then he and I would play Fitzcarraldo together. I suppose that would fix all my woes 🙂

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