someone to learn from

Leslie KnopeIf you don’t recognize the picture, you haven’t been watching what I deem the best television show out there right now. I may not follow all things media as much as certain others I know, but I can share my opinion. This post is not, however, going to turn into a review on the show. I would like to bring to focus to its main character, the wonderful Leslie Knope.

Leslie Knope: kind, hardworking, innocent, caring, passionate.

She is an icon of who we’ve strayed away from, in reality and in fiction. She has no cynical bone in her body, she is assertive in her own friendly manner, she has goals and achieves them. She is a loyal friend and she sticks by those she loves. She enjoys her job and is always looking for ways to improve.

Thank you, Amy Poehler, for creating a comedic character worth looking up to in the world of mostly mindless and stupid comedy.

(September 22 starts the fourth season of Parks and Recreation on NBC. Catch up now so you don’t miss the upcoming season!)