15 minutes

Start time: 7:00am

I was in the middle of a dream about listening to a Chris Martin song when I heard, yelling into my ear, “Rebekah! I have a problem! Rebekah! I have a problem! REBEKAH!!!”

I opened my eyes and there was little brother, in his pajamas, jumping and wriggling all around. He saw my eyes open and once again yelled at me about his problem. My alarm clock happened to start going off as soon as I opened my eyes.

I expected the worst- perhaps the entire container of orange juice was spilled on the kitchen floor, or the stove was on fire, or a squirrel was running around the house. So I took a second to wake up, and told little brother I’d help him just as soon as I put my contacts in.

In went the contacts and little brother pointed down a flight of stairs to his problem: a hairy black spider, probably 2/3s the size of my hand, hanging out on the wall.

This is what I got woken up for?!

“You’re going to have to wait a few minutes, I need to change out of my pajamas.”

As was changing, my phone rang. It was the man who transported my car- I was expecting his call. “I’ll be there in 30 minutes,” he said. “There” meaning a place that would take at least 20 minutes to get to. And it was the beginning of rush hour, so who really knew?!

I made a quick call to my Dad who was just outside the house. He needed to drive me to where my car was being dropped off. And we needed to leave five minutes ago. As I was talking with my Dad, I had an incoming call from Mom. I transferred over to her to hear “Beck, Sarah’s bus is 40 minutes late. I just left her at the bus stop so I can get Levi to school on time (juggling 3 schools between 4 siblings) … you and Dad need to drop her off at school right now please.”

Oh, so now we needed to leave 15 minutes ago.

I ran down the stairs (the spider was no where to be found), found Dad, explained the situation, and ran across the wet grass to pull his truck around to the front of the house. He made sure little brothers wouldn’t hurt the house while we were gone, and we drove a short distance and then stopped.

“Here’s the problem, Beck, Ty (dog) was watching the sheep, and I know he was just right here, but now we need to find him … TY! TY, HERE! TY! TY! WHERE ARE YOU?!” Ty appeared, we put him in the truck, and headed down the street to pick up Sarah and get her to school.

End time: 7:15am

Thankfully, I am a morning person. How do you handle busy mornings?