From Qingyundian to Martha’s Vineyard

How did I end up here??

Yes, I am in Martha’s Vineyard. I am in the beginning of my next exciting adventure of 2008. What am I doing that is so exciting? I am studying the music business. Really, I am in the (pseudo) music business. Today I got matched with 3 musicians as their personal manager for the next 100 days (well, after we sign the contract next week). I am a manager? I have 3 people to take care of? What am I getting myself into? 

I really actually couldn’t tell you what I am getting myself into, but I can tell you that I am beyond excited about this. Music and China are my greatest passions, aside from the One who gave them to me (and family). I had my China adventure this summer, I am having my music adventure as I write this. I am part of a program involving only 28 other students and a few staff and all the expensive musical equipment I could EVER dream of.

My China days are NOT over. I will be back again, I am definitely sure of it. I am in contact with a few families who are adopting kids from New Day. I would love to keep in touch with more. If you find my blog by searching the Internet for New Day, PLEASE do not hesitate to contact me!!! I have pictures and stories that I would love to share. 

Perhaps I will continue to update this blog with my music managing and engineering and producing achievements. If I have time. I suppose I do now have three other people’s schedules to manage and keep track of on top of my own. It is going to be quite the busy next four months, and I cannot wait to see what they have in store!!

Until Sometime,