the coolest thing ever

I am in the midst of packing up my room to head home for two weeks before moving across the country. It’s an interesting concept, to pack up my life. As I moved out of my parent’s house last year, and I’ve been through the process of moving to and from college for four years, it is not new to me to pack up and go. But it has been a new experience to pack up absolutely¬†everything.

Due to the simple fact that I am moving clear across the country, in a compact car, without a place to live yet, I am consolidating as much as possible. Of course, I keep coming across items of sentimental value. I won’t list them all here, save for the one I chose for the purpose of this post.

While consolidating my life (or so it seems) today, I found this memory saved on a piece of paper from last summer. I suppose it’s time for said piece of paper to find its way to the trash can, but not before I immortalize the memory on this blog. Enjoy …

The kids got pillow pets as a midsummer’s present last year. I remember being quite surprised to find them playing with these new toys when I arrived home from work, as my mom isn’t typically the type to buy new toys. I have a feeling these pillow pets happened as a result of boredom on the kid’s part. With no school to go to, less structure during the day, and only each other to play with, the little ones are prone to get quite antsy during the summers. Pillow pets seemed to be a great way to curb those feelings.

I spent some time that afternoon playing with the kids and their new pets, snapping pictures, and showing them how excited! I was about their toys.

This is when Cody piped in.

“You hate it. You hate my pillow pet!”

I assured Cody I liked his pillow pet plenty.

“I like your pillow pet a lot! I think it’s the coolest thing ever!”

Shane, being the level-headed and ever-thoughtful one of the group, had only one thought to vocalize (very matter-of-factly) after I made that declaration.

“I think God’s the coolest thing ever.”

Thanks, Shane. I guess I got beat by a seven-year-old.