Qu Mei Gua le

(That pinyin may be entirely wrong. I tried.)

I am home, after 20 hours of travelling. I arrived at my house around 8:00 last night, and here I am, tired but awake at 6:30am. I’ve actually been awake since around 4:00am. 3 hours of sleep last night. 4.5 cumulative hours of sleep during that 20 hour travel period. Yes, I am tired. And I am craving Chinese food. But I’m home, and I’m safe, and it was easy getting back to the states. So, no complaining!

This blog isn’t finished yet, I’ll update it again within the next 2 weeks or so, so please keep checking back! I want to get my bearings together and tie some strings in one last post, and upload more pictures. Until then, please check out the scrapbook page of New Day’s site. You will find updated pages that have lots pictures of what I did with the kids during my last week. Hopefully that can satisfy any of your curiosity until I post again and upload my last batch of pictures. Some have already been updated, the link for the third picture album has all new pictures, as of a few days ago. Enjoy!