Riverdance in Dublin

Quite some time ago, at this point, I was thrilled to be in Dublin, Ireland, and I had the wonderful opportunity to see Riverdance live at the Gaiety Theatre. There was so much more to seeing this show than just simply seeing the show.

I grew up watching Riverdance and Lord of the Dance on VHS anytime I visited my Mom-Mom’s apartment. I was captivated from an early age with the perfectly choreographed step, stomp, and ballet-like dance.

I became even more captivated with the music as I matured. I started learning violin when I turned 9, and trips to Mom-Mom’s led me to those VHS tapes time and time again, fully listening to the Irish fiddle, rather than just hearing it.

Now, 16 years into learning the violin, Irish/Celtic music is my favorite to play. There is a spring to the music that makes it just as fun to play as it is to listen to. It feels more natural to play an Irish jig unaccompanied than it does to play something classical or jazzy without at least a second instrument.

The energy of any live performance always makes for an enjoyable experience. Seeing Riverdance live was particularly something to be reckoned with. The unadulterated joy on the performer’s faces says it all. They hold nothing back- they dance with all they have, they sing with all their passion, they play their instruments with every ounce of energy. And all the excitement they have permeates the air and makes the experience all the more enjoyable to the audience.

Also, I have a thing with symmetry. More often than not, it gives me a better feeling than its opposite. It’s not something I can actually describe, it just suits me better, it feels more comfortable- a random quirk of mine, if you will.

With that to say, Riverdance is a party for me! So much of Irish step dancing involves symmetry. I love the perfection of the dancers- each of their hands held the same way, their heads perfectly straight, often times there are mirror images on either side of the stage- my brain automatically splits the stage in half and then even more so enjoys what it is watching if it is exactly the same on either side. Sure, I have my quirks; it’s fun to enjoy something that caters to your quirks, I’d say.

So to be in Dublin, with most of my immediate family and my aunt and Mom-Mom, and spend an evening eating at Wagamama and then seeing Riverdance live- it was certainly an experience to remember.

And did I mention we surprised Mom-Mom with this show? What a night!

Happy surprises!